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Every home needs a man cave, and with this easy guide, you can plan the perfect space to enjoy this new and perfectly designed area of your home.


Every Home Needs A Man Cave


The man cave is the dream room or space for any man within his own home. It is a place for a guy to relax, dream, play and enjoy themselves in an entirely masculine environment – no female influence to be seen. Usually filled to the brim with guy stuff like games consoles and comfy armchairs, the man cave has everything needed to help the man or men spending time in it to completely escape from the stresses of everyday life.

A man cave can be positioned almost anywhere, and if there isn’t a space to be found a space can be built, like a shed for example. Creating a man cave is definitely as easy and as hard as you want it to be. You can have the most elaborate set up with bookshelves, a desk, different light settings, a working bar, and even cooking facilities, or you can simply have the world’s comfiest chair and a games console. Below, we’re going to look at all the different considerations you need to make when you are planning your man cave. Hopefully, you’ll finish reading feeling completely inspired about your man cave venture:



Clearly before you can do anything else, you need to know what you are working with in terms of space. Therefore, your very first task is figuring out where to have the man cave. Your man cave could just be a corner of your office converted into a man space as and when you need it. Your man cave could be the entire summer house in your garden, or your entire garage. It just needs to be a space that isn’t shared by everyone all the time, like the kitchen or the living room. You need to be able to have the space all to yourself when you want to use it. Here are some suggestions of where to fit in a man cave

  • Shed
  • Summerhouse
  • In an outdoor area down the garden if you live in a summery climate
  • Garage
  • Spare room
  • Conservatory
  • Extension


This is where you need to get serious about planning, and try to think about all the little details. This counts as a home-improvement project, so planning pays off and will help you keep the costs down, and ensure everything ends up as it should.


Taking detailed measurements of the space you intend to turn into a man cave is a great idea. That way you can make a rough diagram of the room on some paper and try out different ideas that actually make sense measurement-wise, rather than a rough sketch of estimates. If this is a true building project and you’re creating an extension specifically for this, get an expert to draw up plans for you.

When doing up a smaller space you will need to think a bit more creatively, and take into account things like fireplaces, beams, or any permanent fixtures in the space. That way you can work with the layout to make it as beneficial to you as possible. Little nooks and crannies can actually work really well as special feature areas, like bars, you just need to open your mind enough to see it.

It can help to prioritise your needs for the room, so that you can figure out how to have those needs met in the space you have chosen.


Once you have made a plan, it is also a really good idea to have the right tools for the job. If you are not a handyman, the right tool might actually be a builder, or a plumber or other tradesperson.If you are handy, consider which new tools you might need to complete this job well. Having the right tools will pay off if it saves you hiring an expert to do the job, as long as you can do the job properly that is.

When you have planned out everything you want to do with the space, but before you have started looking into designs or decor, you need to create a budget. You may need to discuss this with your partner if you share financial responsibility, and they may also want to know your designs for the space as well. Compromise may be something you have to approach but, deal with that as and when you need to. Whatever happens, have a budget from the outset to avoid splurging way too much money getting over enthusiastic when shopping to kit the space out.



Clearly the space will accommodate you and your friends, but in some households the space may need to be multi-use. It may be that you have compromised about having a man cave as long as say, your girlfriend can have shared gym equipment in there that she is able to access when she wants. Before you make any final arrangements it is so important to check the usage is OK with everyone in the household. If you do happen to get into a dispute over the room, try and highlight the benefits to your partner, like the fact that it will be your room and your mess, that when your friends come over there will be no clearing up to do. You could even double the space as a little cinema room for an at home date night, which may well sweeten the deal.



Before you get onto anything fun, the practicalities need to be addressed. Lighting and heating are two main considerations, particularly if the room is outside. For example; if your summer house or shed are your man cave then you will need heating and lighting, and if those buildings aren’t attached to a power source, you need to consider how to get power to them. It isn’t particularly difficult to hook anywhere up to electricity, but you need to be really careful about safety. Other practicalities could be things like noise pollution; if you plan to play an instrument or play music on loud speakers then it might be good for your family and neighbours for you to soundproof the space. If you do want to add detailed electrics, plumbing or lighting to the space, it is worth speaking with an expert about all the different possibilities. They may well be able to suggest easy and cost effective solutions to the features you want.



The decor of your space is definitely going to have a profound affect on how much you love it. It is also your time to express your personality and creativity, if you haven’t had much say in the rest of the house. There are three key areas you need to focus on when planning the decor for your man cave:



Don’t just buy the cheapest items you can buy, they won’t last and they won’t stay looking nice for long. You also want to avoid loads of maintenance and again, cheap items will require more looking after. If you’re getting floor tiles, get the best you can afford, or if you’re buying furniture, why not go for a high quality vintage? There are so many amazing bargains to be had, you can get higher quality second hand items for the same price as low quality items, it just takes a little more time, but the payoff is worth it.



Your comfort is paramount in this man cave, otherwise, why not just hang out in your office, or on a park bench? The comfort of your sofa or lounge chair is by far the most important feature of the entire room, so you must put comfort above everything. Be wary of overpriced multi-functional reclining chairs as they might seem great now, but how comfortable are they without the extra features that might not work well for long. Comfort also comes into it with things like convenience. If you can have all of your tech linked to your phone or to a master system, you will have a much more convenient space to enjoy. This will also enable you to stay modern with your tech, as you can update the systems required to keep everything up to date. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your chair to enjoy all the features!



This space is all about you and your personality. This space was made for that collection you have that your partner hates or doesn’t get, or for those weird paintings you adore that ‘aren’t allowed’ within plain site in the house. Absolutely make this space about you, not just about being cool.


Fun Stuff

Clearly, the most fun part about the man cave will be the gadgets and the tech, the show off bits and pieces. After the chair, the biggest priority is likely to be the TV. You want an incredible, HD flat screen, or maybe even curve TV to watch films on, and of course to play games on. Clearly it is easy to think the bigger the better, and if you want your entire space to be taken up by screen that is your choice. However, you might want a screen that is decent, but that still leaves room for the rest of the space to be enjoyed. Setting the TV up right is really important, regardless of the TV you have. You might want a wall mounted TV, one on a swivel shelf, or on an extendable bracket. The most popular option is building the TV into the wall, which could work for you if you check the structure of the room out properly, or want to lose space to adding some drywall to achieve the built-in look. Just be sure to think carefully about the strength of the items holding your TV in place, the vibrations from the TV, the heat from the TV and the height of the TV. You might also want to consider investing in a separate freeview box or extra digital box just for your room if you plan on watching a lot of ‘your programs’ on it.


A Bar

Drinks commonly come hand in hand with a man cave. A bar isn’t actually hard to add to your room and can be made using cheap plywood, a stone countertop and some wall tiles. The bar could just be a fridge if you don’t mind not having beer on tap. There is nothing wrong with a fridge stocked with your favourite beers. If you love making cocktails or collecting spirits then you could just have a bar with no dispensers, so it acts as a sort of display case for nice glasses and liquor bottles. It is worth remembering that any glasses and crockery used will need to be washed somewhere, so if you can keep everything disposable that’s a good practical option.


Personal Touches

You already have your personal decor designs in the room, but what about some fun stuff you have always wanted? A repurposed speaker?  A table made from a surfboard? How about a vintage condom dispenser? Or an old arcade machine? Remember you can build these items up over time, asking for them as gifts at Christmas and Birthdays. You might even want to make some items yourself, for a sense of pride, and a fun project where you can enjoy the rewards.


Top Tips

So, now you’re going to make a man cave, just be sure to keep in mind these tops tips:


  • Make the decor and furniture choices all about you, your style and your needs
  • Keep in mind the practicalities when planning gadgets, lighting and tech
  • Be selfish down to the bone, don’t even think about what your friends will think, this is your man cave
  • Be strict to your budget and treat it as a fun challenge, then you won’t feel guilty one bit when it is completed
  • Enjoy the process of creating it and maintaining it, this is your space and you made it into what it is
  • Name the man cave, for a sense of ownership and for a sense of fun because, why not!


Happy Man Cave Making!





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