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With a bit of creativity and a change in mindset, it’s easy and beneficial to take your indoor designs outside. Here we look at simple ways to do this.


Designing Your Outdoor Space Using Indoor Designs


When you’re designing your outdoor space, it can be easy to feel confined by your design because of the weather conditions or the space you’re designing. With a bit of creativity and a change in mindset, it is really easy to take indoor designs outside, so you don’t feel like you’re restricted to decking, garden furniture and plants.


Plan & Design

No matter what outdoor space you’re dealing with, make sure you use every single bit of it. Ever thought of putting a rug outside? They are easy to place and roll up when the weather isn’t good, so why not? Opt for a large rug as big as you can squeeze in, and one that doesn’t have fibres that are likely to catch the dirt debris easily. If you don’t like the idea of a fabric rug, consider installing a porcelain tile “rug” as a centrepiece in your patio. Opt for bright, beautiful designs that will add a taste of the exotic to your outdoor space.

Porcelain tiles used outdoors


You must have an indoor mindset if you’re going to succeed in taking the indoors out. Think of the space as a living room and you’ll find you become much more creative with your thinking. Opt for sofas, side tables, single chairs and low tables. The best thing about having this kind of mindset is knowing you can go crazy with your colour scheme. There’s no need for holding back here – you can go as bright and colourful as you like. Steer away from neutrals and stick to nature inspired bright colours if you’re not that keen on pastels or bold colours.



You will want to add lots of lovely little details in order to pull your entire outdoor space together. Think about adding super comfy cushions, big fat ones – not just the flat ones for garden chairs designed to make them marginally more comfy. How about a bean bag or two? Or some lovely vintage pieces like a floor standing vase, floor standing candles or furniture throws. Really push yourself to let your personal style flow through this outdoor space.

designing outdoor space


Your lighting should be as effective as possible after it gets dark. Often outdoor spaces can have a few fairy lights or solar lights, which doesn’t particularly say ‘ambience’, it just means tripping over on the way back in to the kitchen. But don’t overdo the lighting either, as you do want that lovely twilight look to your outdoor space, but choose lots of subtle lighting in lots of different places. Create ledges out of reclaimed wood, hang a chandelier from the centre of a covered seating area, place underfloor LED lighting in between outdoor tiles.


Embrace It

The most important part of placing indoor decorating outside, is stopping yourself feeling restricted by the fact you’re decorating outside. Don’t think your only materials to work with are timber, wicker and metal – there are ways to incorporate every indoor design outside, it just takes a little adjusting and research.