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Redesigning your home is fun, but it is hard picking a new colour scheme for your design. Here we look at each colour and how it could work in your home.


Design A Rainbow


When we think about redesigning our home, one of the first things we think about is the colour scheme. Maybe a new blue is everywhere and you want it all over your house. Or you love the naturals and neutrals of the ‘outdoor in’ theme of last year. Whatever it is that is getting you thinking about changing your colour scheme, well done – it is good to play with your interior design. It stops the house becoming dated, and the colours we use can have huge effects on how we think and feel living within the space. Here are some tips to help you get the right colour scheme for your home this year:


porcelain tiles in the bathroomBlue is naturally very calm, connected to nature. It is tranquil, earthy and very grounded. It brings a lovely flow to any space and allows it to ‘breathe’. Light blues work well in most spaces, although the tone can be a little cold if it isn’t combined with warming textures or other tones. Blue works really well if natural blues are used like those found in stone or metals. Generally a great idea for the bathroom, bedroom, spare room and living room, but isn’t the best colour for the kitchen.


colourful bathroomRed isn’t as versatile as blue, because it is such a strong vibrant colour. It is extremely fiery and passionate and there is no getting away from it when you use it in interior design. In terms of using it in the home, be really careful where you use it. My Grandma used red in her kitchen her entire life and when she passed away, her kitchen was painted white and it was as though someone had added a ton of extra space. The red had just suffocated the kitchen all those years. Red can work really well with natural reds like floor tiles or splashes of red with plants. It is also great in winter combined with white, and makes a space feel cosy. The bedroom is also a fabulous place to use the colour of love but be careful how much of it you use, as it also represents anger.


Orange is fiery like red, but it brings with it a little more sunshine because of the yellow in it and it can be extremely vibrant and fun to use. Burnt orange is a particularly gorgeous colour that looks wonderful in outdoor spaces and conservatories when combined with white.


Yellow is an extremely bright and happy colour to use within the home and it can be incredibly chic if used as a pastel. Yellow brings inspiration and an uplifted feeling to a home, and is a great colour for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. It also works well in the conservatory or in a loft room. Be careful with the tones you use and how you use them, as just like blue, yellow can be quite cold and almost suck the life out of a room. Be sure to use different textures to bring out its warmth and don’t be afraid of using gold if you want the colour to bring opulence.


One of the most underrated colours within interior design, brown is an incredible colour to use in the home. It brings warmth, it brings a grounded feeling, it brings strength and it works well with many other colours. There is also a huge spectrum of colours when it comes to brown. From your deep, rich, chic chocolates, to your paler more subdued browns. The best thing about it is the fact there are so many natural materials that are brown – namely wood. Just be sure when you use wood in a room, to match all the items that are wooden together. Light woods and dark woods rarely work well together. As a general rule, browns can be a little bit ‘nothing’ without at least a few textures or bolder/ richer colours to bring excitement to the overall design.


Wet Room with Philippe Starck TilesGreen is life. Green is such a vibrant, natural colour and signifies life, which is why it is such a fabulous colour to use in the home. Green makes us feel prosperous, peaceful, comforting and relaxing. In all rooms of the house, green in the form of living things is a great idea. In terms of decoration, pale pastel green is a great colour that works well with floor tiles and summer upholstery. It is also easy to mix different tones of green together to create depth. Just be careful trying to mix it with other bold colours as it can clash terribly with some colours.


A popular colour for use in the home, purple is opulent, luxurious, creative and stimulating. Purple isn’t recommended for living rooms or kitchens, but works extremely well in offices and bedrooms. Purple used in combination with rich materials like silks and velvets can bring an expensive look to any room.


black bathroomBlack is powerful, sophisticated, timeless and chic. It is also very dark and depressing and can bring some real interior design disasters if you aren’t careful. Generally black works best combined with lighter colours and you could never decorate an entire room in black. Monochrome is a great way to bring black into a room without making the room dark. Think of black as a way to frame things visually, to create a strong base. Black flooring is a great idea, especially with floor tiles and can look very beautiful in the right home.


White is the most popular colour used within the home as it looks so clean, chic and simple. It is light, fresh and an amazing palette for other colours. Unfortunately it can also create a clinical feel, so it is important to warm it up with splashes of colour. White works particularly well with natural tones like wood. So if you have wooden floor tiles, white would be a great tone to work with elsewhere in the room. You could then layer an accent colour on top like bold yellow, or orange, then swap and change your accent colours cheaply whenever you like – because you have this great white base.

Being Colourful Is Great

You may well have read all of that advice and thought it was great, but then felt a pang of fear, because you never really dared experiment with colour before. Let this be your starting point for being brave and being colourful with your home design. There are so many gorgeous colours out there, why not invite some into your life. Start small with cushions and other easily removable accessories, then move your way up to painting walls and laying floor tiles.



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