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Conservatories are wonderful things, but they can often be a bit neglected and underused. Here we look at how to easily renovate your conservatory and bring it back to life again.

Renovate Your Conservatory and Bring It Back To Life

Conservatories are fabulous additions to the home, providing a lovely ‘outdoor in’ room full of light – perfect for entertaining, relaxing and even growing vegetables and fruits. The problem is, after the first year of the conservatory being built, the excitement can die down and the room can end up being unused, which is a real shame when the average conservatory costs such a lot to build. You really need to be using this wonderful room and getting your money’s worth.

Although the British weather is unpredictable, the conservatory needn’t be a summer room only. You should be able to use this room all year round, and not just for storage and old plant pots. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your conservatory:


First and foremost, if you haven’t been using your conservatory the chances are it has become a bit cluttered and become more like a storage room. Set aside an afternoon (or weekend if it is that bad!) and get decluttering. Chuck out any rubbish or items that are of no use to anyone, bag up useful charity items and sell anything valuable. The room should be like a blank canvas by the time you are done.


It may be that you have been avoiding your conservatory because you’re not keen on how it looks. Maybe you’re not keen on the furniture. Whatever your reasons for not liking how it looks, move forward and turn it into a room you do love. If money is no issue, then consider some new floor tiles and possibly even underfloor heating. This will transform the room, and enable you to enjoy it all year round. Opt for a neutral colour so you don’t get bored again! A lick of paint will also transform the room – go for a warm neutral rather than a cold neutral, to avoid the room looking unwelcoming.


Add some lovely little accessories that make you want to go into the room. Some beautiful miniature fruit tree’s could be a great addition, and perhaps some personal art work, or a herb garden. Be creative.

Practical Use

You are more likely to use this room if it is practical. Get some new chairs if the current ones are uncomfortable. Get a TV, bookshelf or games table if those are the things you like to do. You could even add a little drinks cabinet, or turn the space into a yoga studio. Make it practical, so you are more likely to use it.


Take some time to think about your favourite area of your home, and then look at replicating that in your conservatory. Alternatively, think about a type of space you’ve always wanted like a yoga studio, reading room or art room and turn your conservatory into that space. Whatever it takes to get you using this big investment is going to be worth it.

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