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Although the year is rapidly moving towards its end, it’s not too late to think about redecorating in time for Christmas. In fact, redecorating during the colder months can provide you with a much needed distraction from all the doom and gloom the lack of sunshine can bring.

Autumn/ Winter Interior Design Inspiration

Here are the top autumn/ winter interior design trends to give you some inspiration:



Grey has featured massively in this year’s interior design trends. Some see it as gloomy, but it needn’t be as it comes in many different forms, many of which can provide a modern neutral palette for any room used by all the family or more private, intimate spaces. Opt for a grey bed complete with silver cushions, a lush faux fur dark grey throw and pale grey silk pillows for an opulent yet modern look. Go for grey wall tiles in the bathroom to enhance an industrial theme. Natural shades of grey in stone floor tiles can tie into the ‘nature’ themes running through most of this year’s interior design trends. Grey needn’t be gloomy.


Chunky Knits

Chunky knits always work well in the home at this time of the year, providing a cosy and structured layer to any room. Your bed could be your own personal winter haven with fat cable knit throws in pale greys, or gorgeous knitted beige throws that are heavy and chunky. Knitted accessories are also popular, so why not consider a knitted pouffe to rest your feet on?


Vintage Explorer

This theme is all about escapism and brings a real twist to the nature theme in the form of botanical drawings and plant ‘specimens’. It’s also a great way to go ‘vintage’ without making your home look like a tacky replica shop. Add bell jars, big magnifying glasses, framed old maps and even a globe or two. If you can get your hands on an opening globe drinks cabinet, you’re on to a winner.



Indulgence is in the air with this season’s interior design. Sheepskin rugs, silk throws, soft rugs and truly tactile materials are big news, which is great for comfort levels during a time of the year most of us want to hibernate inside. Think sumptuous, soft, thick and luxurious with your fabric choices.



Has there been an autumn or winter where check hasn’t been a thing? It’s such a beautiful trend, we can’t see it going away any time soon! Tartan looks particularly beautiful in homes with lots of natural surfaces like wooden floors or with stone floor tiles. You can get full on tartan wallpaper but this is often a check too much for some, so instead opt for wallpaper influenced by check but in lighter and more digestible tones. Alternatively, add a couple of beautiful tartan cushions to your bed or sofa that have colours within them that match the bedding or throws on the sofa.


Rich Blues

Ink, indigo and midnight blues look regal and rich. They can bring warmth to a room, and make it look cosy and sophisticated at the same time. Opt for ombre blue wall tiles in a panel amongst the neutral tiles in the rest of the bathroom to bring warmth to this often sterile and cold looking room. Choose midnight blue velvet cushions in the living room and combine them with darker shades of blue in knitted throws and textured rugs.

Nice fire burning in brick fireplace for winter warmth.

Fires And Fireplaces

No garden is complete without a firepit or chiminea to sit by during winter with a cosy blanket on your knee and a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. If you have a real fire inside, it’s time to tart it up a bit with a wicker log basket or intricately designed fireguard. For fireplaces with no fire in them, get rid of any tacky ornaments and fill with logs and pine cones, or even a driftwood pile tied together with a ribbon.



Rattan combined with some of the rich and beautiful colours being used this season, looks homely, cosy and soft. Rattan also goes with everything because it’s neutral, so don’t be afraid to use it all over the place. A round rattan ball seat looks beautiful with some folded cosy blankets on top. Choose tartan, rich reds and creams for that lovely winter warmth. You could also try swapping general accessories for rattan ones, like your log basket, or even your lampshades.


Woodland Cabin

Trends tend to always feature some sort of winter home at this time of the year, whether it’s a Scandinavian city home, Canadian log cabin, or like this year, a woodland cabin. The woodland cabin theme features hedgehogs, badgers and owls in many prints and ornaments. A few animal themed ornaments or prints look great, especially the squirrel and stag cushions you can find almost everywhere at the moment, but don’t go too animal themed or you’ll end up with a forest theme which is more outdoors than indoors. Use pine cones, ornamental wooden birds decorations and subtle nature-inspired illustrations.

Red Char BlueSunTree

A Writing Area

Desks and writing areas are a beautiful feature for any room, suggesting creativity, relaxation and imagination. If you can, try to get hold of an old school desk and consider ‘upcycling’ it with a custom paint job. Alternatively, be creative with desk ideas and if you can, opt for a chair of magnificence. Think large, ornamental or quirky – an inspirational chair that would truly belong to someone who spends their time imagining up other worlds. The writing area trend connects particularly well with the vintage explorer theme, so consider popping a globe on your desk as a point of interest.


Great Gatsby

The various 1920’s themed programmes and films we have been blessed with have left us all experiencing quite the twenties style fever. Luckily this was a stylish time, which means you can’t go far wrong introducing a few key 1920’s pieces to your room, especially metallics and mirrored surfaces.


Other key interior design trends this autumn and winter include:

  • Whimsy – balloons, fairytales, eclectic
  • Statement chairs – bold fabrics, strong silhouettes, strong prints
  • Free standing bathtubs
  • Candles – brights, greys and patterned
  • Vintage tiles – Edwardian, Victorian, original
  • Handmade
  • Serenity – pure, calm, simple

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