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Whatever your reason for updating your home, mistakes can be costly. Here are 10 mistakes to watch out for and some great tips on how to avoid them.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Updating Your Home

Whether you are looking to update your current home or you have bought a new house that needs work, refurbishing and decorating can modernise the look of your home, improve practicality, and increase your home’s value if the job is done well. People are increasingly prepared to take on small jobs around the home themselves to keep the costs down. The more ambitious DIY enthusiast may even tackle larger jobs. Although this can save money on the cost of the work, it could end in disaster if things go wrong so take a look at these mistakes to avoid before you get started:


1) Poor Planning

Planning is key to a successful project. Poor planning may lead to any number of difficulties at a later stage that could easily have been avoided. List every item that is going to be part of the work, especially if you are not doing it yourself; don’t assume a workman will do everything required – write it down.


2) Saving Time on Checks

Take the time to check everything twice, especially if you have more than one contractor working on your home. By not double-checking all the smaller details, you run the risk of noticing faults later when it is too late, such as uneven floor tiles or a badly fitted kitchen.


3) No Natural Light in Bathrooms

A common mistake is to think that a simple light bulb or two is enough to light a bathroom. However, a lack of natural light in a bathroom can make this typically small room, oppressive. If there is only a small window, then consider enlarging it, if possible, or adding a skylight. Another tip is to use gloss white wall tiles to help reflect what natural light there is.


4) Skimping on Appliances

Although it may seem like a great way of saving money, by choosing low-cost appliances you might end up with poorer quality products that could soon break or become less efficient. It is better long term to invest upfront and choose a quality product that you can rely on.


5) Using Concrete for Patios

If you are also updating the outside of your house and are planning a patio, don’t use concrete when laying your exterior floor tiles. You will only end up with pools of water. Instead, use a permeable base, so that water drains much more easily.


6) Don’t Forget the Plants

Although opting for decking or exterior tiles in your garden is low-maintenance, a little greenery is needed to soften the hard landscaping. Don’t forget to plan space for this when landscaping your garden.


7) Avoid a Marble Backsplash

As a material, marble is often associated with luxury and this makes people keen to use it in their kitchen. Unfortunately, marble is a porous material that easily becomes stained. This means it is not a good choice for areas such as the backsplash behind your oven. A much better choice is glazed porcelain tiles as they are stain-resistant, easy to clean, long-lasting and visually appealing.


8) Small Laundry Areas

Laundry is a daily task in most households, but who wants all their dirty clothes on display? Think about this when planning your refurbishment. A separate utility room is best if you have the space available. If not, allocate an area of your kitchen that is large enough to do the laundry, where it can also be kept out of sight.


9) Lack of Storage

There will always be some things that you want to keep out of sight and it is important to consider these at the planning and designing stage of your project. A failure to do so may mean that both you and any visitors have to face seeing unsightly items, such as the laundry basket, on a daily basis.


10) Don’t Give Up Your Dreams

Some of your personal choices may not be to other people’s tastes. However, if it is what you have set your heart on then you should follow your heart, it is your house after all!


By avoiding these mistakes and doing lots of research beforehand, you can achieve a successful update to your home and look forward to living in a house that is both visually pleasing and meets all your practical daily needs.

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